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Vegetarian Delicious!

May 19, 2014 | By | One Comment

Charmaine Williams    From: Oxford, UK  Profession: Logistics Scheduler

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 Carrot, Corriander and Holloumi fritters

800g of grated carrot
250g of halloumi
1 bunch of chopped fresh corriander
a few chopped spring onions
2 eggs
4 anchovies
ground corriander and cumin seeds
a splash of hot petter sauce
salt and pepper to taste

Combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl, mix thoroughly, shape into small patties and fry.

 What is it that you love about cooking? I love to feed people! There is no better moment in life than sharing a delicious meal with friends and family. When inviting people around for dinner I really enjoy planning the menu, going out shopping for ingredients, the different stages of preparation.

At what age did you start to cook for yourself? and what was the motivation? I became interested in food and what I put into my body at about 11 when I turned vegetarian. It was a bold political move because I didn’t want to kill animals, no one (especially not my mum) thought it would last!

When did you become vegetarian? and whats a major difference you noted in eliminating meat from your diet? I still have my very first cook book given to me in 1989 which was a Cranks recipes for vegetarians. It was more like a small novel with recipes and hand drawn sketches as oposed to the bright colourfull cookbook of today, full of deliciously appertising and mouthwatering photographs. I started to cook for myself in my teens and became really interested in finding alternative protien sources, other than meat. Being vegetarian I´m sure made me be more creative with my dishes. I have to mention cheese as it is one of my favourite foods ever. Almost everything I cook contains some type of cheese.

Whats it like cooking for your boyfriend the chef everyday? Having a boyfriend who is a chef is great, although I do most of the cooking at home. It´s fantastic having someone who also loves all things food in the house and we often bring back new and exciting ingredients from our travels. At first I found it very intimidating cooking for a professional, but I´m over that. Now there is no bigger compliment than cooking something for him, then seeing it as one of the courses on the menu del dia in his restaurant the next day! We actually very rarely cook together but there is a lot he could teach me. We are looking forward to cooking together in the new kitchen we are designing at the moment!


  1. Natalie Hirst

    Totally love the blog! The photos you’ve chosen are beautiful and really sum up your Barcelona life right now. I’m seriously gonna make the fritters this week – they look like the kind of thing I’ll add to my repertoire for Zak!
    Oh and by the way – love ya xxxx

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