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The Idea

Presenting home cooking at it’s very finest!

I have a feeling this might be the first food blog you’ve ever seen where the blogger is honest about her lack of skills in the kitchen.

My criteria for this blog and contributions to it come from being FANTASTIC at eating and appreciating all that’s involved in the ritual. As a photographer I sometimes feel like I have two mouths to feed, the real and the visual and its those two hungry beasts that have led me to the idea of this blog.

Seeing the passion so many around me are putting into creating wonderful meals, I’m making a place to share with you the stories behind these fabulous people and their creations. Let’s show off the real chefs in our midst – the grandmas, DJs, kids, artists, students – who love to cook and have that one recipe they’d just love to share with us.

(Accompanied by pretty pictures of course!)

Please enjoy and pass it on and if you feel like you want to join this group and show a little of your chef-side then please get in touch and I’ll be right over.

Also on the subject of languages – unfortunately for the moment blog entries will be published in the language of the protagonist, limiting it to either English or Spanish. I would love to spend more time preparing each entry for you but until I either get a language loving volunteer or some funding, I can’t dedicate it any more time. I am posting a link to Google Translate and of course if any of you send over a ¨pretty please I really want a translation¨ of a recipe etc then I will do my best to send one over.