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Oh how summer rolls by…

July 15, 2016 | By | 5 Comments

Scott Riley From: New York City, USA Profession: Visual Artist

Jane Darroch Riley From: Glasgow, Scotland Profession: Book designer and Copywriter


Summer Rolls

3 Squares fine rice noodles
1 kg Prawns, cooked and peeled
2 handfuls of bean sprouts
1 handful of fresh chopped mint
1 handful chopped chives
2 handfulls of chopped crispy lettue

The easiest way to make the summer rolls is to mix all the ingredients together in a big bowl, and then scoop out a handful at a time to place
on the wrap. Set the wrap on the diagonal and place the filling in the middle. Bring the bottom corner over the top of the filling and then start rolling.
Tuck in the two side corners as you roll, and wet the top corner as you finish rolling to seal the wrap closed. It´s a bit tricky, and you´ll probably ruin a few
before you get the hang of it. Don´t panic! wraps are cheap, and you can re-use the filling!

Peanut sauce:
In a small pot, mix together one measure of pineapple juice, one measure of sweet chillie sauce, one measure of peanut butter, a dash of fish sauce,
and a dash of soy sauce. heat on a low flame and stir until the peanut butter is melted and mixed evenly into the other ingredients. Let cool.

1. How does the home food you grew up with compare to what you are cooking now for your family?
I grew up eating the lovingly prepared family recipes that my great grandparents
brought with them when they emigrated from Italy and Hungary to the USA in the
1880´s. These included classic Italian dishes like spaghetti with meatballs, chicken
cacciatore, gnocchi, pot roast, and lasagna. From the Hungarian side came potato
pancakes, matzoh ball soup, and a variety of cookies and cakes. The loving preparation
hasn´t changed at all, but I´ve added Asian and Latin American dishes to the menu.

2.Where do you source your ingredients and what do you look for?
Most of my ingredients come from the local markets here in Barcelona, where by any
standard, the quality is superb (especially the olive oil, jamon, and wine). When it
comes to buying fruits and vegetables, fish, or meat, I look for freshness, which often
means what´s in season. I also depend on the Chinese markets for all of the spices and
sauces that are essential for a good curry, or sushi, or char shiu roast pork, for example.

3.I see food has even made it into your art work.. how did that happen?
I get just as much satisfaction cooking a good meal as I do making artwork!

I try to be open minded in the kitchen and almost never use a fixed recipe, and I have the same
approach in the studio… whatever works, try something new, don´t be afraid to fail. One
day using gelatin to make art seemed like a good idea… why not?

4.Do you think your children also have an interest in cooking?
My kids are not so keen to cook yet, but they know good food, and they have very
expensive tastes. I can see a day in the future when they´ll consider making sushi and
lobster and solomillo with foix at home, because they don´t have the money to order it
in a restaurant! They see us cook every day. We talk about food all the time. I hope that
they understand that this obsession is part of a normal, healthy and happy life.


  1. What fun, gorgeous and tasty. Jealous of your Spanish supplies. Come visit down Mexico way….

  2. Count me in.

  3. Louise Brand

    Hi Scott,

    Love the pictures and seeing all of you. Hopefully in the near future I’ll see you in Barcelona

  4. Emma Clark

    So happy Iv got your peanut sauce recipe

  5. Jono

    Dang that and you all is looking good Buenos Dias mi amigos

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